Standing up for Alberta

Alberta deserves better treatment.

While Albertans have contributed more than $20 billion annually to confederation than what we get back in transfers in services, we’ve seen Ottawa consistently treat Alberta’s economic needs either with indifference, or, at times, with outright hostility.

That can’t continue. We promised to stand up for Alberta and fight for a Fair Deal and that’s just what we are doing.

We told Albertans it’s time to clear the air and show the extent to which activists have been spurred on by foreign funding. Promise made. Promise kept.

We started the Canadian Energy Centre to not only push back against misinformation about our energy sector, but to aggressively promote the benefits of our world class oil and gas industry. Promise made. Promise kept

We need to find a way to develop a predictable method for products to reach global markets. 

In government, Jason Kenney has brought together nine out of ten provinces in support of resource corridors that would help expedite the approval process for resource projects.

We’re working hard for the federal government to remove the discriminatory cap on the Fiscal Stabilization Fund that has had a particularly acute impact on Alberta after experiencing economic shocks. These funds would be put directly towards job creation initiatives.

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