Keeping Promises: Restoring Senate Elections


While they were in power, the NDP scrapped Alberta’s senate elections.

During their term, we saw more unelected Albertans appointed to our limited number of senate seats by Prime Minister Trudeau, with not a whisper of complaint from Rachel Notley and the NDP.

And what have these unelected senators done for Alberta? 

They helped rubber stamp Bill C-69. 

A former Liberal appointee voted for Bill C-48. 

Albertans deserve senators who have an elected mandate from the people of Alberta.

We promised Albertans in the last election that we would bring senate elections back. And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

In July 2019, our United Conservative government passed the Alberta Senate Election Act

It allows voters to elect a Senate nominee through provincial, municipal elections, as a stand alone process, or with a referendum. Candidates need to name which federal party they’re aligned with on the ballot. 

Promise made. Promise kept.

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