PROMISE KEPT | Alberta Parole Board In Place

January 28, 2021 –

Today, Alberta’s United Conservative government further advanced its Fair Deal agenda through the formal creation of the Alberta Parole Board.

The move wrestles more power away from Ottawa on the issue of paroles, and puts more authority directly in the hands of Albertans.

“Given the lack of action by the federal government in addressing Alberta’s request for a Fair Deal, the Alberta government must continue to assert its jurisdictional authority where it can,” United Conservative MLA Kaycee Madu said. “I have the utmost confidence in the Alberta Parole Board members to deliver fair decisions on behalf of Albertans.

The board will be headed up by Rick Hanson, former chief of the Calgary Police Service and a former chief superintendent of the RCMP K Division.

The creation of an Alberta Parole Board was a direct promise in the United Conservative platform during the last election.

The board has authority over parole decisions for those serving sentences in all provincial correctional facilities.

Alberta is now the third province in the country with a provincial parole board in place, joining Quebec and Ontario.

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