PROMISE KEPT | Alberta Parole Board In Place

January 28, 2021 – Today, Alberta’s United Conservative government further advanced its Fair Deal agenda through the formal creation of the Alberta Parole Board. The move wrestles more power away from Ottawa on the issue of paroles, and puts more authority directly in the hands of Albertans. “Given the lack of action by the federal […]

Keeping Albertans Safe | An Alberta Provincial Parole Board

A new provincial parole board was a big piece of the United Conservatives election platform in the last election. And with Bill 18 passed, it’s now another promise kept by Jason Kenney and his team. The new Alberta Parole Board means stronger measures to keep Albertans safe and to ensure repeat offenders and parolees are […]

GOOD NEWS | New legislation passed to get tough on theft and crime

The number one job for any government is to protect public safety.   United Conservatives made big promises in the last election to get tough on theft and address an increase in crime, especially in rural Alberta.   With the passing of Bill 21 and Bill 25 in the legislature, more progress has been by […]

Stopping sex offenders from changing their names

Those who are convicted sex offenders shouldn’t be allowed to change their names. It’s that simple. After United Conservatives were elected, we identified this as a major problem and promised to take action. “Survivors of sexual abuse and trauma have to live with that trauma for the rest of their lives. I want to make […]

Getting Tough on Rural Crime

Keeping our promises: Getting Tough on Rural Crime The first duty of government is to protect public safety. Under the NDP, we saw a rural crime crisis spread across the province. Too many Albertans felt vulnerable and defenseless on their own properties. We heard loud and clear from rural Albertans before the last election and […]

Protecting Survivors of Human Trafficking

United Conservatives have taken firm action to tackle human trafficking Before the election, we put out a nine-point plan to prevent human trafficking, protect victims, and prosecute traffickers. Our party believes strongly that we must stomp out this form of modern slavery that sadly still exists in Canada.   There’s a myth that human trafficking […]

Clare’s Law

We made a clear commitment during the election to protect those at risk from domestic violence.