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March 15, 2021 –

Today, United Conservative Leader Jason Kenney introduced the Recall Act, giving Albertans the power to fire politicians in-between elections.

It was a major plank in the 2019 democratic reform package that the United Conservative Party campaigned on in the last election after the NDP government brought in the carbon tax, the largest tax hike in Alberta history. The NDP never campaigned on a carbon tax and never mentioned it during the 2015 campaign.

“Albertans have told government for years that they want a greater say in the democratic process, and this legislation will help give them that voice,” Kenney said.

The new bill is based off the private members legislation put forward by UCP Drayton Valley-Devon MLA Mark Smith and also from recommendations put forward from a legislative committee.

It’s not just for provincially-elected MLAs either. The Recall Act applies to municipal officials and school board trustees too.

“Through this legislation, Albertans will be able to make sure their representatives can be held even more accountable to those who voted for them,” United Conservative MLA Kaycee Madu said.

The bill gives Albertans the power to recall an elected official 18 months after their election.

For MLAs and elected municipal officials, Albertans would have 60 days to gather signatures from 40 per cent of eligible voters. For school board trustees, the timeline extends to 120 days to gather 40 per cent of voters in the school district.

Elections Alberta would be responsible for verifying the signatures to determine if a recall petition for an MLA is successful.

“Elected officials have a responsibility to Albertans, and Albertans should be able to hold those officials accountable throughout their term,” Kenney said.

Do you back the Recall Act? You can give United Conservatives your feedback on our Voter Survey here.

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