TAKING BILL C-69 TO COURT | Keeping our promise to stand up for Alberta’s rights

February 23, 2021 – Under a United Conservative government, Alberta is now on court challenging Ottawa’s Bill C-69, the no-more-pipelines law. During the election, United Conservatives under Jason Kenney promised to challenge the legislation during the last provincial election. Bill C-69 was widely panned across partisan lines in Alberta as being a dangerous piece of […]

More Jobs, More Promises Kept | Partnering with Alberta’s First Nations in Resource Development

During the last election, Jason Kenney promised that a United Conservative government would partner with Alberta’s First Nations in responsible resource development, putting reconciliation beyond words and into meaningful action.    And with the announcement today the recently-formed Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation has partnered with a consortium of six Alberta First Nations in the Cascade […]

Keystone XL | Shovels In the Ground In Alberta

Today, Jason Kenney kicked off construction of the Alberta leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, a project more than 12 years in the making.    What does that mean for Albertans?   2,000 new jobs for construction workers.   269 km of new pipeline.   It’s estimated that the pipeline will generate $30 billion in […]

Speeding Up Approval Times for Energy Projects with Clear Benchmarks

The NDP were big fans of red tape and propping up allies to high levels of government who spent their careers working against Alberta’s oil and gas sector. And for too long, we watched Alberta’s regulatory process get bogged down with extended timelines and no clear benchmarks for approvals. Just take a look at competing […]

Challenging Bill C-69 and Bill C-48

In power, the NDP let the Trudeau Liberals introduce Bill C-69 and Bill C-48 without a whisper of complaint for several months.   Rachel Notley now wants to speak out against Justin Trudeau’s tanker ban (C-48). But Rachel Notley was *physically* with Justin Trudeau on the very day the ban was announced – and said […]

Standing Up for Our Natural Gas Sector

Keeping our promises: Standing Up for Natural Gas Sector Canada is the fourth largest natural gas producer, with more than half of that production coming from Alberta. Natural gas is a critical part of our economy and generates work for tens of thousands of Albertans. That’s why we put forward an aggressive platform to stand […]

Royalty Guarantee Act

Providing Certainty: The Royalty Guarantee Act   From the platform: Royalty Guarantee Recent Alberta governments shook investor confidence with royalty reviews. A United Conservative government will guarantee in law that the royalty regime in place when a well is permitted will remain in place for that project in perpetuity. Constant royalty reviews under previous governments […]

Fighting Ottawa’s Unconstitutional Carbon Tax

Twice in 2019, Alberta voters sent a loud and clear message: get rid of the carbon tax! Unlike the NDP, we follow the marching orders Albertans give us. That’s why we promised to fight the federal carbon tax and challenge it in the courts. The NDP and pro-carbon tax pundits in the media told it […]

NDP Carbon Tax Repeal

The NDP never campaigned on a carbon tax, but brought one in anyway. We kept our promise to repeal the NDP carbon tax with our first bill in the legislature and we kept our word. Promise made. Promise kept. Can you help get our positive story out and strengthen our movement?