Fighting Ottawa’s Unconstitutional Carbon Tax

Twice in 2019, Alberta voters sent a loud and clear message: get rid of the carbon tax! 

Unlike the NDP, we follow the marching orders Albertans give us. 

That’s why we promised to fight the federal carbon tax and challenge it in the courts.

The NDP and pro-carbon tax pundits in the media told it would be a waste of time, that it would be pointless, and go nowhere. 

While the NDP might not have the stomach to stand up for Albertans, we do.

We took the federal government to court, and Alberta’s highest court ruled their carbon tax unconstitutional.The majority decision called it a Trojan horse into provincial jurisdiction.

We are keeping our promises to stand up for Albertans and fight the carbon tax. We won’t give up until the unconstitutional carbon tax is removed. We’re passing legislation that will make it so no future provincial government can implement a carbon tax without a referendum.

We’re keeping the promises we made to Albertans.

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