Speeding Up Approval Times for Energy Projects with Clear Benchmarks

The NDP were big fans of red tape and propping up allies to high levels of government who spent their careers working against Alberta’s oil and gas sector. 

And for too long, we watched Alberta’s regulatory process get bogged down with extended timelines and no clear benchmarks for approvals.

Just take a look at competing jurisdictions records.

Alberta’s rates have been twice as long as Saskatchewan. And compared to Texas? Four times longer. 

That’s why we made bold promises during the last election to send a strong message that Alberta is open for business. 

We promised to “establish clear benchmarks for approval times, and maintain a public dashboard of the [Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER)] key performance metrics.”

And that’s exactly what we’re doing.

Our United Conservative government has introduced new legislation to get rid of excessive red tape and unnecessary delays as part of the AER’s approval process. This isn’t rubber stamping projects, but ensuring that investors aren’t turned away because of excessive delays.

Promise made. Promise kept.

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