Standing Up for Our Natural Gas Sector

Keeping our promises: Standing Up for Natural Gas Sector


Canada is the fourth largest natural gas producer, with more than half of that production coming from Alberta. 

Natural gas is a critical part of our economy and generates work for tens of thousands of Albertans. 

That’s why we put forward an aggressive platform to stand up for our natural gas sector. And we’ve been following through. 

We’ve appointed an Associate Minister for Natural Gas with a laser focus on stimulating growth in the industry. 

We’ve worked with producers to improve regulatory frameworks and have fiercely advocated for shipping Alberta gas to new markets through Liquified Natural Gas projects and pipelines. Not only are these projects critical for Alberta’s future prosperity, but they will be a key piece int he work to reduce global emissions. 

And we’ve worked with industry leaders to stabilize the industry and ensure it has a strong future.

We’re keeping our promises. We’re delivering for Albertans and making sure that our energy sector plays a key role for Alberta in the years ahead.

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