World-Class Education

While the NDP was in power, class sizes continued to increase while outcomes for core competencies like math and reading scores continued to decline. Alberta’s strong tradition of protecting school choice was also under attack.

We are taking a different approach. We’re maintaining funding in education, continuing to build new schools, getting our classrooms once again focused on excellent world-class education, while allowing choice in education to thrive.

As promised, we put a pause on the NDP’s curriculum review to get it right. The NDP’s previous review was too focused on things like discovery learning. We are putting an emphasis on skills that matter for when students finish high school.

Unlike the NDP, United Conservatives believe that parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children. It’s why we started province-wide consultations for a new Choice in Education Act to protect, improve, and enhance education choice in Alberta.

Promise made. Promise kept.

As promised, we have prioritized funding to build new schools to meet the needs of a growing Alberta population. Across the education system, we have maintained funding while seeking greater efficiencies and lowering administrative overhead to ensure resources are reaching students, parents, and teachers on the front lines.

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