Energy & Pipelines

Alberta’s energy sector is the best in the world. For too long in Alberta, we saw leaders more interested in going on apology tours than defending the most environmentally responsible oil and gas industry of any major exporting producer in the world. They let foreign funded activists and extremists target and pick on Alberta’s industry as we saw major pipeline projects cancelled time and time again.

We promised Albertans a forceful defense and promotion of our energy sector and that’s exactly what we have delivered.

For too long, Alberta governments created uncertainty and shook investor confidence with royalty reviews. The Royalty Guarantee Act guarantees the royalty regime in place when a well is permitted stays in place for a period of at least ten years.

The NDP never campaigned on a carbon tax but they brought one anyway in the midst of an economic downturn. Bill 1 was the repeal of the NDP carbon tax. Promise made. Promise kept.

We’ve taken aggressive steps to fight Ottawa’s carbon tax on Alberta. Alberta’s highest court ruled it to be unconstitutional and we’re continuing our fight at the Supreme Court!

Bill C-69 has sent a terrible message to international investors that Canada is not serious about getting big projects built. It severely constrains the ability for any future pipeline project to get built. We won’t stop fighting against this legislation as we believe it violates Section 92 of the Constitution Act.

Under Jason Kenney, Alberta has built allies across partisan lines with provincial leaders across the country in support of our energy sector and major infrastructure projects like pipelines.

For too long, pro-resource voices among Indigenous communities here in Alberta and across Canada have been marginalized by the media and eco-activists. We’re serious about empowering our Indigenous communities on the path to true economic reconciliation with our Indigenous peoples.

We’ve appointed an Associate Minister for Natural Gas with a laser focus on stimulating growth in the industry. We’ve worked with producers to improve regulatory frameworks and have fiercely advocated for shipping Alberta gas to new markets through Liquified Natural Gas projects.

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