Bill 6 – Farm Freedom and Safety Act

Repealing Bill 6, replacing it with the Farm Freedom and Safety Act

Shortly after being elected, the NDP rammed through major changes to tens of thousands of farmers and ranchers without consultation. 

It led to unprecedented convoys and protests from the tens of thousands of Albertans who put food on our table. 

The NDP failed to listen to their concerns and rammed Bill 6 through the legislature.

We listened to our farmers and ranchers.

We promised to repeal Bill 6 and replace it with the Farm Freedom and Safety Act (FFSA) and real consultation.

And that’s exactly what we did. 

Unlike the NDP, we consulted directly with our farm community.

What was the NDP’s response? They accused Alberta’s farmers of not being concerned enough about safety for their workers.


Thankfully, in December 2019 the Farm Freedom and Safety Act passed into law.

Promise made. Promise kept.

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