PROMISE KEPT | Workers no longer forced to fund union political activism

Before the legislature wrapped up its business this week, United Conservatives kept another major promise with the passage of Bill 32, legislation that ends the practice of using mandatory union dues to fund political campaigns without the explicit opt-in of the worker.


Too often in Alberta, we’ve seen workers have to fund campaigns to put them out of work. 


For example, groups like the Alberta Federation of Labour, who get special privileges in the NDP constitution, have campaigned against every new pipeline proposed in the last decade, a move that has helped put blue collar Albertans out of work.


And in the last election, NDP-affiliated political action committees (PACs) pieced together massive war chests funded by big union money with the mission to keep the NDP in power, without getting consent from the workers who funded these campaigns.

It’s why Jason Kenney and United Conservatives promised to give more rights to workers in the last election Now, workers are in the driver’s seat and have a say whether or not their mandatory dues can be used for political activities.


And now the bill has passed into law.


While Rachel Notley and the NDP spent their time campaigning for the interests of big union bosses, United Conservatives stand with union workers.


Promise made. Promise kept. 

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