More Surgeries to Reduce Wait Times

Keeping our promises: More Surgeries to Reduce Wait Times

Under the NDP’s watch, Albertans watched as wait times for surgeries increased, despite increasing spending to record levels year over year. 

Hip replacement wait times alone increased by nearly 30 per cent from 28.7 weeks to 36.7 weeks. Knee replacement wait times went up by 23 per cent, from 33 weeks to 40.7 weeks.

We believe that Albertans deserve a better approach, an approach where success is measured by outcomes for patients, not just on dollars spent. 

That’s why we announced a bold and aggressive plan to get serious about tackling the growth in surgical wait times.

In December 2019, our United Conservative government announced the Alberta Surgical Wait-Times Initiative. 

The initiative seeks to expand contracts with non-hospital surgical facilities, many of which provide surgeries at a lower cost. Not only does the initiative expand surgical access in communities, but it will free up space in our hospitals to focus on emergencies and more complex operations. 

All medically necessary surgeries under the initiative will be covered and fully paid for through Alberta’s public health care system. 

It’s just another example of a promise made and a promise kept.

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