Finding Savings and Redirecting Them to the Front Lines

Keeping our promises: Redirecting savings in our health care system to the front lines

During the election, we made it clear to Albertans that we would maintain or increase health spending under our health care guarantee. 

But we believe that for the amount of money Albertans spend on their health care system, we deserve to be getting much better results. 

A successful health care system isn’t just measured on dollars spent, it’s about timeliness of service and improving outcomes for patients.

That’s been the focus of our plan for our health care system. 

That’s why we promised to find savings throughout the health care system so those resources could be pulled away from wasteful spending and directed towards patient care on the front lines.

We conducted the first review of Alberta Health Services since it was formed and identified major opportunities for savings. 

The report discovered between $1.5 billion to $1.9 billion in savings opportunities that could be better spent on patients, front-line care, and surgeries. 

The NDP would prefer injecting cash into our healthcare system without ever demanding better results.

We’re taking a much different approach and we’re keeping our promises.

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