Keeping Our Promises: Fighting for a Fair Deal


Albertans have given generously to the rest of the country for generations. 

A study by the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy showed that from 1961 to 2017, Alberta’s net federal fiscal transfers amounted to more than $600 billion. That means we sent more than $600 billion to Ottawa than what we got back in transfers or services. 

Despite that generosity, we’ve seen the Liberals in Ottawa pass discriminatory policies against Alberta that directly target our main industries and livelihoods. Politicians from out of province waste a lot of oxygen talking down Alberta and aggressively campaigning against our pipelines. 

That’s not fair. Albertans deserve better.

That’s why we promised during the election that we would fight for a Fair Deal, and that’s just what we’ve done.

We promised Albertans we would press Ottawa to increase the limit of the Fiscal Stabilization Fund and we’ve received full support from the provinces.

We announced a large, province-wide, consultation on other measures to get a Fair Deal for Alberta. 

And the Fair Deal Panel Report was released in June 2020. 

It had many bold ideas that United Conservatives are following up on.

We are holding a referendum in equalization in 2021. Alberta is appointing our own Chief Firearms Officer. We’re studying moving forward on an Alberta Pension Plan and an Alberta Police Service to replace the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. If these move come out as net benefits, Albertans will get to have their say directly in a referendum.

The panel said we need to fight more furiously to protect provincial jurisdiction and that’s exactly what we’re doing and will do no more of.

The NDP would rather we keep the status quo. They like it that way. Under Rachel Notley, the NDP labelled Albertans as the “embarrassing cousins” of the country.

As United Conservatives, we’re fiercely proud of Alberta and we won’t stop fighting for Albertans until we see our province become the very best it can be.

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