For more than a decade, Alberta has been the target of an organized foreign funded campaign to try and landlock our resources, better known as the Tar Sands Campaign. 

It’s goal? To choke off any new pipelines or oil sands development coming out of Alberta. Did they attack foreign oil imports? Did they attack any other major oil producer? No.

They attacked the most responsible energy producer in the world. 

While the NDP was busy trying to buy “social licence” by appointing anti-pipeline advocates and raising taxes on Albertans, we put forward a bold plan as part of our fight back strategy. 

We told Albertans that their time of trying to landlock Alberta without impunity were over.

And we are keeping our promises.

  • We launched a public inquiry on foreign funded special interest groups and their campaign against Alberta
  • We launched the Canadian Energy Centre in defense against misinformation and attacks on our world class energy sector while getting our positive story out there
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