Equalization Referendum: Get Ready to Vote 2021

The Fair Deal Panel Report released showed that since 2007, Albertans have contributed a net $240 billion to Canada.


That’s the size of our annual provincial budget more than four times over. 


A large chunk of that cash is handed out in equalization payments and other transfers to provinces not named Alberta. 


Instead of supporting Alberta’s need for new pipelines, these provinces and even cities have tried to demand blocking our pipelines, while happily taking Albertans cash to pay for their hospitals, roads, and bridges.

It’s why we promised during the last election that we would hold a referendum on equalization if Liberals in Ottawa didn’t get out of the way of our energy sector and let it succeed. 


After listening to tens of thousands of Albertans first hand, the Fair Deal Panel Report agreed, it’s time for Albertans to have their say on equalization and to force Ottawa’s hand to the negotiation table.

An equalization referendum will be held in 2021. We already know the NDP and special interests want to curry favour with Liberals in Ottawa who are scared to see a stronger and more prosperous Alberta within Canada.


That’s why we need your support. 


If you back our equalization plan, sign here.

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