United Conservatives believe in strengthening our democracy and putting more power in the hands of Albertans. 

At the centre of our democratic reform agenda that we put forward in the last election was a promise to bring in recall. 

In 2015, the NDP never campaigned on bringing in the largest tax hike in Alberta history with their carbon tax, but they brought one in anyway.

Albertans had no way to hold them accountable. 

But our United Conservative team is changing that with recall legislation on the government’s agenda.

Our democratic reform agenda didn’t end with recall legislation. 

We’re going to put an end to the type of political games played by the NDP before the last election with the “fixed election window” law on the books. We’re going to give Albertans a real fixed election law, so Albertans and political parties can stay on an even footing. 

As part of our work to get a Fair Deal for Alberta, we will hold Senate Elections in Alberta again during the municipal elections that will be held in 2021. 

And we are getting back money out of politics. One major way? By banning foreign money from contributing to third party advertisers. Alberta’s elections should be decided by Albertans.

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