Cutting Red Tape. Promise Made. Promise Kept.

Under the NDP, Alberta consistently ranked at the bottom for red tape and regulatory burdens placed on businesses.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) said that Alberta’s ‘F’ grades were for “failing to support any comprehensive strategy for measuring, reporting or controlling the regulatory burden”.

In fact, under the NDP, Alberta was the only province in Canada to get an ‘F’ on our red tape burden.

For the NDP, they saw the increase of red tape under their watch as a good thing. Just like how they saw the increase of taxes on job creators and new carbon taxes as progress.

That’s why we made a major promise to Albertans to cut red tape by one third and power our economy.

We put in place a minister in charge of cutting red tape across government. We let Albertans provide input and feedback with a massive response.

And we’re getting results.

In the first red tape report card under our United Conservative government, we received the highest-ever grade when it comes to removing government regulations. We went from an ‘F’ to a ‘B-’ with only seven months in charge. 

But we’re not at all satisfied. We’ll continue to cut red tape until we reach our targets so our economy can reach its full potential.

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