Keeping our commitments: Building Schools

Despite promises by the NDP and previous governments to reduce class sizes, we saw little return for investment.

We promised Albertans in the last election campaign that we would continue to build new schools for Alberta’s growing population and audit why we’ve seen such little return in class size reductions despite a massive investment from taxpayers. 

And that’s immediately what we did when Albertans elected us with a historic mandate in April 2019. 

Alberta taxpayers invested $3.4 billion over 15 years to reduce class sizes but the average class size has only decreased by 1.4 students over the last decade and a half. In 2018, we spent $291 million to reduce class sizes and failed to move the needle. 

We are now working with our education partners to chart out new and innovative ways to reduce class sizes to increase value for taxpayers. 

In the meantime, we are building new schools, supporting families in growing communities and the jobs that come with construction.

It’s just another example of promise made, promise kept.

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