Bill 22 Passed | More Action Taken on Reducing Red Tape

This past week, United Conservatives passed Bill 22, the Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act


It’s another promise made, promise kept from Jason Kenney and UCP MLAs who are working at a breakneck pace in the legislature to get our economy back on track. 


During the election, we promised to reduce red tape in Alberta by one third. To date, five per cent of red tape has already been cut in government in the first year of the United Conservatives mandate.

Bill 22 is now the third bill passed to cut red tape. 


Earlier this year, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business upgraded Alberta’s red tape report card from a F to a B-.


This legislation will do even more to free up the economy and get Albertans back to work. 


It will cut red tape and speed up approval for important energy projects. That means more certainty for job creators. It also removes needless duplication done through the NDP-created agency Energy Efficiency Alberta. The bill also means less administrative burden for job creators and more transparency.

That’s a win, win, win for Albertans!

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