BIG NEWS! Workers no longer will be forced to fund union political activism | Bill 32

During the last election, United Conservatives campaigned on a big vision to restore balance to Alberta’s labour laws that put workers in the driver’s seat. 


A big piece of that promise was to end the practice of using mandatory union dues to fund political campaigns without the explicit opt-in consent of the worker.


With Bill 32, the Restoring Balance in Alberta’s Workplaces Act, that promise has been kept.


During the last election, several NDP-affiliated political action committees (PACs) amassed massive war chests funded by big union money with the mission to keep the NDP in power.


Workers who fund their unions deserve the right to decide whether or not they want to opt-in for their dues to be used for political campaigns.

Too often, these union dues are often used in bizarre ways.


The Alberta Federation of Labour, built into the NDP’s constitution, has even used their influence to campaign against almost every new pipeline project put forward over the past decade, projects that would have meant and still mean thousands of new jobs for unionized blue collar workers. 

Under this new legislation, workers can say “no” to their dues funding these campaigns.

It’s about empowering individual workers and their rights so their money goes to causes that they believe in. 


More rights for workers, a stronger democracy, and more balance in the work place. 


It’s just another example of another promise made and another promise kept. 


If you stand with us, make sure to sign the petition in support of Bill 32!

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