Promise Kept | Choice in Education Act Passed

After promising in the last election that Alberta’s strong history of school choice would be strengthened and protected, the Choice in Education Act officially passed in the legislature.   It’s another promise made and a promise kept by Jason Kenney and United Conservaitve MLAs.   The fact is, when the NDP were in power, they […]

The Choice in Education Act

Keeping Our Promises: Protecting Choice in Education Unlike the NDP, United Conservatives believe that parents have the primary responsibility for the education of their children.  While they were in power, the NDP targeted independent schools and charter schools, while NDP front groups demanded an end to school choice entirely. That’s why we promised during the […]

End Discovery Learning

Focusing on Essential Skills: Ending “Discovery Learning” Despite the NDP claiming to be the party that supports education, in 2017 Alberta saw more than 40 per cent of Grade 9 public school students fail their math provincial achievement tests. Reading scores also declined. Alberta should be a world leader in outcomes for students. Instead, we […]

Building Schools

Keeping our commitments: Building Schools Despite promises by the NDP and previous governments to reduce class sizes, we saw little return for investment. We promised Albertans in the last election campaign that we would continue to build new schools for Alberta’s growing population and audit why we’ve seen such little return in class size reductions […]