Equalization Referendum: Get Ready to Vote 2021

The Fair Deal Panel Report released showed that since 2007, Albertans have contributed a net $240 billion to Canada.   That’s the size of our annual provincial budget more than four times over.   A large chunk of that cash is handed out in equalization payments and other transfers to provinces not named Alberta. Instead […]

Senate Elections

Keeping Promises: Restoring Senate Elections While they were in power, the NDP scrapped Alberta’s senate elections. During their term, we saw more unelected Albertans appointed to our limited number of senate seats by Prime Minister Trudeau, with not a whisper of complaint from Rachel Notley and the NDP.   Alberta has successfully elected 5 senators. […]

Fighting for a Fair Deal

Keeping Our Promises: Fighting for a Fair Deal   Albertans have given generously to the rest of the country for generations.  A study by the University of Calgary’s School of Public Policy showed that from 1961 to 2017, Alberta’s net federal fiscal transfers amounted to more than $600 billion. That means we sent more than […]

Fight Back Strategy

For more than a decade, Alberta has been the target of an organized foreign funded campaign to try and landlock our resources, better known as the Tar Sands Campaign. It’s goal? To choke off any new pipelines or oil sands development coming out of Alberta. Did they attack foreign oil imports? Did they attack any […]

Democratic Reform

United Conservatives believe in strengthening our democracy and putting more power in the hands of Albertans. At the centre of our democratic reform agenda that we put forward in the last election was a promise to bring in recall. In 2015, the NDP never campaigned on bringing in the largest tax hike in Alberta history […]