Promise Kept | Choice in Education Act Passed

After promising in the last election that Alberta’s strong history of school choice would be strengthened and protected, the Choice in Education Act officially passed in the legislature.   It’s another promise made and a promise kept by Jason Kenney and United Conservaitve MLAs.   The fact is, when the NDP were in power, they […]

Keystone XL | Shovels In the Ground In Alberta

Today, Jason Kenney kicked off construction of the Alberta leg of the Keystone XL pipeline, a project more than 12 years in the making.    What does that mean for Albertans?   2,000 new jobs for construction workers.   269 km of new pipeline.   It’s estimated that the pipeline will generate $30 billion in […]

50,000 jobs | Our historic infrastructure build

Albertans voted United Conservatives with a historic mandate to be laser focused on jobs and the economy.    With the unprecedented health and economic crisis, our United Conservative government has stepped up in a big way.   The Alberta Recovery Plan released by Jason Kenney included a historic $10 billion infrastructure plan for our province. […]

Alberta’s Recovery Plan | Job Creation Tax Cut Accelerated

Alberta’s Economic Recovery Plan includes major progress on a big campaign commitment made by United Conservatives in the last election. Under the NDP, taxes on job creators went up 20 per cent.  We promised to reverse the trend in a big way to invite investment back to Alberta. The promise was to drop the tax […]

Alberta’s Recovery Plan | Spurring Tens of Thousands of New Jobs

Albertans have faced historic challenges in 2020. A global health and economic crisis was made even worse when oil prices took a nosedive due to price wars and an unprecedented drop in demand. Compared to the rest of Canada, we have been leaders in our response in support for our job creators and workers. But […]

Equalization Referendum: Get Ready to Vote 2021

The Fair Deal Panel Report released showed that since 2007, Albertans have contributed a net $240 billion to Canada.   That’s the size of our annual provincial budget more than four times over.   A large chunk of that cash is handed out in equalization payments and other transfers to provinces not named Alberta. Instead […]

Stopping sex offenders from changing their names

Those who are convicted sex offenders shouldn’t be allowed to change their names. It’s that simple. After United Conservatives were elected, we identified this as a major problem and promised to take action. “Survivors of sexual abuse and trauma have to live with that trauma for the rest of their lives. I want to make […]

Speeding Up Approval Times for Energy Projects with Clear Benchmarks

The NDP were big fans of red tape and propping up allies to high levels of government who spent their careers working against Alberta’s oil and gas sector. And for too long, we watched Alberta’s regulatory process get bogged down with extended timelines and no clear benchmarks for approvals. Just take a look at competing […]

Getting Tough on Rural Crime

Keeping our promises: Getting Tough on Rural Crime The first duty of government is to protect public safety. Under the NDP, we saw a rural crime crisis spread across the province. Too many Albertans felt vulnerable and defenseless on their own properties. We heard loud and clear from rural Albertans before the last election and […]